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Welcome to Arcanus

About Arcanus

Arcanus is a genre neutral d20 table top roleplaying game designed to put you the players and gamemasters at the heart of the creative process. The classless and level less system endears itself to all genres of roleplaying, allowing Arcanus to seamlessly fit into any setting.  No longer are you restricted by class structures, forced to adapt your characters and worlds to the rigid rule structure of the game. Arcanus is gritty, fluid, dynamic and easily customisable.


 At the heart of Arcanus are it's flexible core mechanics:

Organic Character Development:- Arcanus' skill based system gives an authentic and organic feel to character creation and development. Rather than being limited to pre-set skill lists that you obtain by gaining experience levels, Arcanus's Organic Character Development system allows you complete freedom to pursue whatever skills you desire. Simply by encountering NPC's throughout your adventures or even learning them from other players. Much like in the real world, your adventures shape who you become, not some pre-prescribed class skill list.

Authentic Combat System: Arcanus' ACS is a locational combat system that adds a fast paced, authentic and gritty edge to combat at the table top. Allowing you to target specific locations to wound and hamper your opponents, whilst maintaining an ever present risk of something spectacular happening. The ACS system will definitely keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat when the swords start swinging, spells explode or deep space battles commence.

Freeform Sorcery System: Arcanus' Sorcery magic system is ground breaking for the table top environment. Like everything else in Arcanus it puts you at the heart of the creative process. No spell lists, no haggling with the Gamemaster over interpretations of wordings. Use your characters skills and sorcerous talent to literally create magic at the table top. Unlock the limitless bounds of you imagination and breath wonder into your gaming sessions.

For the Gamemasters/Dungeon Masters/Directors/Storytellers out there Arcanus was built with you at the very heart of the development process. The Arcanium - The Gamemasters Guide is jammed packed with tools, wizards, templates, world building kits and much more.  Everything you'll need to bring your worlds to life or stamp your own mark on one of the pre-generated Campaign Settings (All of which are utterly customisable). It is in essence the ultimate GM's Sandbox, create your own fantastic monsters, breath life into the worlds locked away in your imagination in a way you've never been allow to before in the d20 ttrpg genre. Arcanus was built by GM's for GM's.

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