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Welcome to the Arcanus
   GM Portal...

The Gateway to the Arcanus Universe and the limitless wonders of your imagination...

Welcome to the Arcanus GM Portal, your gateway to the limitless imagination of the gaming community.

When Arcanus is launched the GM Portal will go live. For now, though here's a synopsis of what it is and what it will offer you the creators of the Arcanus universe.

At the back of every copy (digital and hardback) of the Arcanium - Gamemasters Companion is a copy of the Arcanus Developers Licence (ADL) and a unique Developer Code. Our gift to you. At the core of the Arcanus development process was the desire to build a game that puts you the GM's/DM's/Storytellers/Directors or whatever title you hold around the table, at the very heart of Arcanus. We can think of no better way of achieving that than by gifting creative control of the Arcanus universe to you.


So, what is the Arcanus Developer Licence and what will the GM Portal offer?

The ADL will enable you to register as an Arcanus Content Creator (ACC) and through the GM portal design, publish and sell your very own Arcanus content. Campaign Settings, Monster Compendiums, Archetype Handbooks, Magic Item Encyclopaedia, Adventures, Maps and Virtual Game boards etc. The GM Portal will be your Gateway to sharing your worlds, your campaign settings and the wonders of your imagination with the rest of the Arcanus community, and in doing so create your own part of the Arcanus Universe.


How will it work?

Once registered and you have agreed to the ADL Terms and Conditions, you'll be able to create an Arcanus Developer account. Wherein, you'll have access to all the tools and templates needed to create and upload your work for submission. Once you have submitted your work, it will be reviewed by a member of our ADL Quality and Assurance team, to make sure the contents adhere to the T&C and nothing slips through that puts you or us in any legal hot water. Once your submission is accepted then you'll be free to post it within the GM Portal and set a price if you wish or share it for free with the rest of the Arcanus community.


So, we can sell our own Arcanus content. How much will you the publisher take?

Nothing, Zero, Nada, Squat Diddly. You've already bought a copy of the game that's enough for us. Empowering you to be creative and seeing the wonders you'll eventually bring to the Arcanus universe is our true reward. We just hope you'll enjoy sharing your worlds with us, as much as we enjoy sharing ours with you.

How much can we charge for our Arcanus material?

That's entirely up to you. As alluded to above you can publish content for free ($0) or Pay What You Want (PWYW) or set your own fee based on your valuation of the product you've produced. If you're unsure how much to charge, we suggest checking out DriveThruRPG and other such online publishing sites to gauge the pricing of your work against similar content. Free or PWYW listings will only be available for digital content (PDF format), for products that will utilise our Print-To-Order (PTO) feature a minimum listing of the printing costs is required.

We can list our products to be Printed?

Yes, through our partnership with PTO services in the US, UK and Australia we're able to pass on the exact same discounted valuation for PTO that we receive for the printing of Arcanus Companions to you. Allowing you to bring your creations fully to life and have your very own high gloss copy of the content you created to put proudly on your gaming shelves. We're dedicated to empowering you the ACCs of the world to the point for a limited time after the release of Arcanus, Arcanus Publishing will cover the PTO cost for 1 copy of each Arcanus product you create. Giving you a free copy to hold and cherish.

Is that all the GM Portal offers? A marketplace for us to share and sell our Content?

No, far from it. The GM portal will also be home to all manner of online tools and resources. PC/NPC creation wizards, Monster Creation Wizards, Adventure templates, Skill List Templates, Racial Templates, 2D and 3D Map Generators and a host of other tools to enable and empower you the GMs of the Arcanus universe to bring your worlds to life. We live in the digital age now after all. As old fashioned as tabletop roleplaying is, we're still hip with the kids these days.


When will this be available?

As soon as Arcanus is launched, the GM Portal will go live the very same day. So, keep an eye out on our Twitter feed and our main page for more news on launch day.

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