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Something Sinister at Blakewood Manor

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The fog rolls in from the moors, silence falls along the halls of Blakewood Manor. the only sounds that greet you are the creaking of the ancient floor boards beneath your feet and the beating of your own heart..

Blakewood Manor is your classic period English manor nestled upon the picturesque moors of south Devon. Whoever, all is not well at Blakewood Manor, as night falls and fog rolls in across the moor. Supernatural forces awaken within the manor. Do you have what it takes to survive until the sunrise?

Blakewood Manor is our official survivalist horror setting. Creep along the ancient hallways of the manor house, steel your resolve and keep hold of what little thread of sanity you have. Something Sinister at Blakewood Manor is the title of our sample adventure in this period horror setting. Explore the realms of the supernatural with your friends and survive the night.... If you can!

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