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Welcome to Taipan1

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The year is 2289, Taipan1 the megatropolis that rose from the ashes of Old Tokyo is now home to 500 million people. Eek out a living on the street jacking cybernetic parts from unwary travellers, or sip champagne amongst the elite and navigate the dangerous waters of politics amongst the Skyways.

Taipan1 is a rich, vibrant and exciting futuristic setting. Built on the ashes of Old Tokyo. Taipan1 is a sprawling megatropolis. a city that spans from the ruins of Tokyo to what was once Beijing.

Whether you're a grifter, cyhacker, politiko, gang member or just some honest joe trying to survive in the hustle and bustle of Taipan1. One thing is for sure life will never be dull. This vibrant exciting Sci-Fi setting will keep you on the edge of your seats and fixated on the action and politics of the many layers of the great city.

Taipan1 is our official Sci-Fi setting and is included in the Arcanus Players Companion and Gamemasters Companion. All you need to create characters in this thrilling futuristic setting is at your finger tips. For Gamemasters, within the Gamemaster's Companion you'll find more setting content and a sample adventure "The Black Lotus". Wherein your players will explore the complexities of life on the streets and the ruthless game of politiks of the Skyways far above the streets of Taipan1.

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