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The world of Athelen

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

As seen in our Twitch series @arcanus-ttrpg the world of Athelen is a dark gritty high fantasy sword and sorcery campaign world.

Athelen is a world perched on the edge of the abyss. Warring nations threaten to plunge the northern continent into chaos, an ancient Darkness lurks in the shadows, heroes rise and fall. Where will you stand when the dust settles? Will you pick up the gauntlet and strive to make a name for yourself? Will you seek to bring order and peace to the chaos and insanity ensuing around you? Or will carve out your own dominion amongst the ashes and ruins of once proud nations and empires? Your fate is yours to choose!

Athelen is our High Fantasy game world, and is used as a sample setting within the Arcanus Players Companion and Gamemasters Companion. Found within the pages of the former is all you'll need to create characters befitting this setting. Arms and Armour, supplies and a rich high fantasy skill set. The Gamemasters Companion contains more detail on the world of Athelen, including a sample adventure "A Shadow Awakens" wherein your players explore the Shentarn Mountains and their actions could very well determine the fate of the northern continent of Athelan.

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