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Arcanus Players Companion

The APC contains everything you as a player of Arcanus will need to create characters and play whatever you game setting. Including templates to work with your GM to create your own races, skills and equipment. A genre neutral d20 TTRPG, Arcanu's APC puts you at the heart of the creative process, from character creation and development you are in complete control. Shape characters in your image, don't be confined by pre-prescribed classes, take control of your own destiny.

Arcanus Gamemaster's Companion

The AGC contains everything Gm's will need to build there own worlds or run adventures within the official Arcanus Campaign Settings (See our World Portal). Create skill sets, monsters, equipment, races and stamp your own mark on your gaming sessions. Arcanus is the ultimate Sandbox Toolkit for GM's. Built for Gm's by Gm's the AGC put you at the heart of the creative process. Allowing you the freedom and creative license to bring your worlds to life like never before. The AGC is a Gm's best friend.

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